The biggest stationary hackathon in Europe! A hackathon is an event, typically lasting 12 to 48 hours during which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming - not hacking only, but basically CREATING THINGS(!).

Our project is directed to all individuals who have a feel to develop business and who want to create solutions for extreme and freaky geeks. Our attendees will work on better and simpler solutions for extreme sports and extreme lifestyle.

You will have 24 hours to find, test, develop and improve your extreme project! Start? October 28th! You can’t miss it.

The hackathon is open for everyone. Are you a student? Join us! Are you an undergraduate? We’ll be glad to meet you. If you are a specialist in your branch - you have to be here. We invite people at entry level, junior, mid, senior and also IT stars ;)

If you would love to develop your ideas or products with other specialist - see you in Tauron Arena Krakow this autumn!

We are calling for fans of VR, AR, AI, IoT, Data Mining, Gamedev, Productdev, Mobile, Automotive and specialists in programming languages: Java, C/C++, C#, .Net, Scala, Swift, Objective C, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, HTML5, SQL.

Non-tech people are also welcomed! All of the teams will need some person with vision, soft skills, determined to implement ideas and who likes spending time with other tech visioners.

We will start on Saturday morning and will code and create till the end up on Sunday. We start with the registration on the spot at 10 a.m.. The next step is an opening ceremony at 12 a.m. when all of the participants receive information about challenges and organization of the event. Then you have time to create your team and take on a task chosen from the inspiring marketplace of ideas presented by our hosts, or you just start working on your own idea.

ATTENTION! You can change your team members during 24 hours, or you yourself can join different teams. Who is approved to be your team member and fight for a reward with you? It’s up to you and your team! :)

The basic assumption of HackYeah is to find the best solution that is connected to EXTREME theme. May it be an app, VR app, hardware solution, results tracker for joggers, a new security tool for parachuters, better ways of preventing, analyzing extreme nature situations or imagine how technology can help in extreme poverty, homelessnes - you name it! Your imagination is the limit!

Make sure to check out partners' tasks and try to solve them as well! Also, our mentors will be there for you to inspire you!

Our partners also have a lot challenges for you. Go to their stands and ask about their tasks, rewards and advice!

Make sure to also visit Idea Corner to get some inspiration from our mentors. Show up at Chill Zone between 1 and 2.30pm. Also check out HackYeah in HackerEarth and seek for the team member in Eventory app.

Make sure to upload your solution to HackerEarth. Mentors and judges will evaluate your solution and will choose the ones who will present at the GREAT SCENE OF TAURON ARENA, HackYeah! Make your project's name or logotype ready in case you will be the lucky one to appear on the stage!

After that… the prizes will be awarded.

EXTREME: sports, nature, social problems and even more extreme ideas! We're gonna face extreme issues and try to find the best ways to solve them with technology.

Yup, but it is symbolic. You will spend a crazy time in one of the most modern area in Europe! We will feed you, tend & protect you, teach you and entertain you - a crazy weekend in Krakow is worth it! :)

Extreeeeme ones! There is NO main task. Everyone is working on EXTREME solutions. Stay open minded :)

There will be some tasks to choose from, too. Our partners are asked to create their own tasks and rewards. Look for them on our website and social media before the event, and at partners’ stands on the spot!

Judges will evaluate and reward the best solutions in each category:

- X-SPORT - Hiking, jumping, riding, flying, diving
- X-NATURE - Floods, fires, earthquakes
- X-SOCIAL - Poverty, polution, diversity

We do not care about what technology or programming language you will use to make your project live. We care about the final result! !:) Long story short: the main task is extremely open :)

Buuut it’s not the end… Our partners will prepare a special tasks based on their current needs - it’s a superb opportunity for you and a huge step in your career. Take some time to approach our partners’ stands - their tasks may interest you even more than the main theme.

Of course, it’s a hackathon!

Check out the TASKS AND PRIZES page to learn more

The tasks should be solved during the hackathon. If any jury member notices unnaturally fast progress or other unfair situation, he/she is entitled to disqualify the team - their final project will not be judged.


1. Hackathon will take place in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - Polish Kings City, Kraków.
2. It’s an awesome opportunity to network with IT people from whole Europe.
3. You will participate in beating Guinness World Record in the biggest number of developers, programmers and IT people in one place.
4. You will take part in the extreme and awesome hackathon in one of the most modern arenas in Europe - Tauron Krakow Arena. The stage is waiting for you!
5. HackYeah is a great opportunity to find a job or new professional challenges.
6. You will develop your ideas, solutions or product with the help of other IT people.
7. Valuable prizes are waiting for you - just reach for them.
8. Finally, you will create something magnificent and impressive!

HackYeah! Join us ASAP :)

Participants will work on their projects and solutions for 24 hours. Still, team working during hackathon is where all the fun is :) At the beginning of event participants will form teams of up to 6 people. You can join several teams, and accept or deny your team members.

If you want, you can act like a lone rider, too. It’s all up to you.

Here we are! :) Make sure to check out the hackathon mobile app, Eventory, where you can look for people at the spot. Use the tags to describe yourself and search for others.

Not sure how to do it? Check this out:

Don't have Eventory yet? Get it from here:
or visit HackerEarth

First of all check out Eventory - this is the fastest way to talk directly to people looking for teams. Make sure to check out their tags to find the one you've been looking for ;)

If you want to post your idea open to everyone please go to HackerEarth and form a team. Describe your idea, check off "I'm looking for teammates" and let the magic happen! You can additionally promote your idea on discussion forum and talk it through with others.

First of all - check the in-depth details about our tasks. Our partners did their best to give you a lot of clues :) Uhmmm also… brainstorming is a great way to create hacking cool ideas :) Make sure to check out the Idea Corner where mentors will share their ideas with you!

Also make sure to approach our partners stands to check what challenges and prizes they have prepared. Our partners will not only inspire you, but also will give you a strong support and their own, crazy tasks!

IDEA CORNER will take a place in the Chill Zone from 1.00pm till 2.30pm. We will invite mentors who will brainstorm ideas with you and other attendees. Inspiration boards will wait for you with exemplamatory solutions. Make sure to check it out to kick off your project with a great energy!

This is power of HackYeah - you don’t have to be a programmer to join us. Staying open-minded and focusing on team-working are the most important attributes during our hackathon. All teams need a person with soft skills, presenting project, idea leaders or Project Managers - maybe you will play that role? :)

Be confident and positive. You should remember that we all have started somewhere and we learn together. Creating things is the best way to gain new experience and knowledge. Don’t be afraid - all of participants will be opened and chatty. During the small talk about previous project you may come up with an idea that you can develop together. Remember one thing: be a curious geek!

In other cases: ask our crazy HackYeah team to help you to start :)


We prepared some sleeping space in Tauron Arena Krakow. If you are a freaky geek - that’s option definitely for you :) Just bring your sleeping bag and mat with you if you plan to sleep in Tauron Arena.

It’s not a five-stars hotel, but HackAtmosphere is better than that!

The address is: Stanisława Lema 7, 31-571 Kraków.For those coming by public transport we recommend to use the app #Jakdojade(jakdojade.pl/).

Yes, but please keep in mind we have only about 240 spots on the upper parking next to the main entrance. Once those spots are taken, we recommend to check out parking at M1 or Plaza shopping mall (both close, having huge parking space).

Naturally :)

Three meals are on us:
- lunch starting at 5pm
- supper starting at 10pm
- breakfast starting at 8am

You have about an hour to pick up your meal from the moment they have been served so no worries, you don't need to rush if you're in the middle of an interesting lecture or coding particulary imporant part of your team's project.

For those who might get hungry - there will be one store with food open during the hackathon, so please bring some cash with you.

And last but not least - hello vegetarians! Yes, there will be a vegetarian option during each meal :)

A laptop, smartphone, charger and anything you find useful.

There will be also designated rest area where you can take a nap and have a shower. Please bring a sleeping bag and a mat if you wish, as well as a towel! And don't forget about a toothbrush! We've booked a space, arrange it your way :)

You own all the rights to your project. However, when you decide to work on a task from HackYeah Partners then they might have decided to own the rights to your solution. Check out the rules of the particular tasks to find out.

Our project is co-created by LYNXIA and IT event agency PROIDEA.

Just shoot us a message to the Hackathon Manager at marta.kowalska@proidea.org.pl .